Our Communities: Avis Dam, Windhoek

Our visits to the dam have been ah-mazing. Interlude Namibia is desert country so the simple sight of water and lush green bushes everywhere is a welcome break to the otherwise dry, brown scenery. The rains across the country have been exceptional this year. The recorded rainfall for January 2021 was 228mm, compared to 13.8mm… Continue Reading →

Rose bush glory

When does a rose bush most glorify its Maker?

When it yields the fullest and most beautiful blooms, in the middle of an unknown forest?

Or, when it blooms beautifully in the middle of a park where everyone who passes by admires its glory?

Both, He whispered;

Though the former glorifies Me in a unique kind of way.

Because I am the rose bush’s Maker and only I know the extent of its potential;

So whether or not there is external acknowledgement, a beautiful rose bush is still a beautiful rose bush because I made it so.

And that is all that determines a rose bush’s glory.


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