The end

It’s human to lose ourselves along the way but it takes true strength and courage to feel convicted enough to find our way back again. -Christopher Poindexter

And 2017 came to an end, just like that.

2017 in words

I’m not too sure what to make of the year 2017. On the one hand, it was a restful and fairly good year in a number of aspects. Yet on the other hand, I didn’t achieve a number of goals I had set for myself, and neither did some dreams I’d hoped for materialise. I feel as if I started the year on a high (this post was my general outlook on life at the beginning of the year – Stop caring and step out!) and ended it a tad disoriented and lacking motivation.

But I must agree with Christopher Poindexter, it is human to lose ourselves. And now I must find strength and courage to pick myself up and find my way back again. I’ll start by looking at some of my favourite moments of 2017.

2017 in pictures

2017 (1)
My first run in Windhoek! It was a 12k trail run
2017 (2)
Surprise 30th birthday celebrations
2017 (5)
Our amazing trip to the coast
2017 (3)
The Jetty, Swakopmund
2017 (4)
The Atlantic Ocean, Namibia
2017 (8)
My nephew, such a bundle of joy
2017 (1)
My last conversations with my gogo
2017 (7)
Home 🙂
2017 (9)
An Oshiwambo wedding
2017 (10)
Views from our new apartment
2017 (13)
Zimbabwean solidarity march in Windhoek
2017 (12)
In tender memory
2017 (11)
Camel riding in the Namib Desert
Sunset over the Atlantic

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