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“New” resolutions?

So much has happened in the past three months, I’m unable to fit it into one post. So over the next few posts I’ll attempt to account for all the happenings.

Presently, I’d like only to make a brief note concerning the beginning of the year – to encourage someone who feels like they’ve fallen off the bandwagon one too many times and aren’t sure what use it is to attempt yet another “new year, new things” mantra, who’re you kidding, right? To that person I’d like to say that that’s part of the essence of life – repeated failure and finding courage to move on in the face of it. You’re not alone.

I wrote about this a while ago (here) and the quote still applies, I hope you find encouragement to go on this year, even if it means making those “new” resolutions yet again.

It’s human to lose ourselves along the way but it takes true strength and courage to feel convicted enough to find our way back again. -Christopher Poindexter


I'm exploring the small bit of the world that I live in, hoping for more exciting adventures!

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