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Our Communities: Wedding Reception at Droombos

Windhoek Beauty

Windhoek is a stunning city! Though I’ve never been one for arid climates, the brown beauty of this land is growing on me. In addition, this small city has a few corners where lush foliage can be found, and Droombos is one such place.

Droombos Venue, The Black Barn

Droombos à l’extérieur

On the 31st of August, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding reception at the newly opened Droombos ( The venue is located at the periphery of the city, on your way to the international airport. Curious as to what to expect of the venue, I paid its website a visit and I happily noted that there was a lot of greenery (by Namibian standards).

However, on the day of the reception as we were driving towards the venue, all we could see was the usual dry veld that’s typical of Namibia. As we got closer to venue, still surrounded by brown bush, I started doubting that we’d find what I had seen on the website a few days prior. They must have taken those pictures a while ago, I reasoned. But, we arrived at the entrance, checked in, and as soon as we crossed over the threshold, we were ushered into the garden of Eden.

Droombos à l’intérieur

We were led to an area in front of the Black Barn (pictured above) where welcome drinks and eats were served. The seating was beautifully arranged with a grand tree at the centre.

It’s a local joke that Namibian winter lasts all of one week in June-July therefore the general expectation was that it would be fairly warm by the end of August. As ill luck would have it, there was a bitter cold front that weekend. Women had to choose between hiding their gorgeous apparel under thick coats and scarves or risk catching pneumonia but be remembered for their striking beauty for all eternity.

I’m not about that life, I chose the former.

To love, light and peace

As the evening progressed, we were welcomed into the charmingly decorated hall. The huge balls hanging from the ceiling and fairy lights gave the dark room a warm light and chic feel; and the huge black hall, the flowers, the seating arrangement and the hanging ceiling vines gave an alternative yet farmyard sort of feel. It was magnificent.

The food was delectable, and the company was fun; it was a night full of merriment. We left before the programme was over as we had to drive across town to pick our son up and go back home.

We wish our friends a union overflowing with love, light and peace.

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