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Of cloudy days and soul stirrings

Imagine being in a stiflingly hot desert; a dry barren land.

Then imagine the rains coming unexpectedly. Not a heavy thunderstorm but a gentle shower that goes on and on into the night…And you wake up to cool, cloudy weather and the smell of rain. That’s the stuff of my dreams, and that’s been the rare and welcome weather in Windhoek over the past few days.

The view from our complex in Windhoek

Cloudy weather stirs my soul in ways I cannot describe.

Despite fatigue and a knee injury that has kept me from running, I managed to go for a lively run yesterday morning. Win.

Though I enjoy baking, I’ve never been one for icing; I’ve always found it rather daunting. But I plucked up the courage yesterday and experimented a bit, mainly because I’d baked cupcakes for a friend and they looked naked without icing. The result was a beautifully fluffy and tangy butter icing for my lemon chia seed cupcakes. Win.

Lemon chia seed cupcakes with lemon butter icing 😉

During my son’s nap, instead of doing the myriad of chores that were screaming my name, I made coffee and read my book. Win.

As it happened, I also had a date with a friend yesterday noon. Not that I didn’t expect good conversation with her, but there was something about our chat that soothed an ache I didn’t know I had in my heart. Double win.

Coffee time

Yes, the past few days have stirred my soul.


I'm exploring the small bit of the world that I live in, hoping for more exciting adventures!

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