The Monkey Nuts in Windhoek!

Last Friday night my husband and I had the extreme pleasure of attending a Monkey Nuts show at the Goethe-Institut in Windhoek. The Monkey Nuts are a Zimbabwean hip-hop band with “[a]n imposing energy of sounds, personified by elements of electronic/digital, African, rock and hip hop tones…”. They’re great at what they do and they…… Continue reading The Monkey Nuts in Windhoek!

Our Communities: Windhoek City Market

The Windhoek City Market is the only regular social event I’ve attended so far in this fairly quiet city and I’ve really enjoyed its vibe. It’s a food, wine and crafts market and it’s held every 3rd Friday at a place called The Village in Eros, Windhoek. My camera isn’t great but I’d like to share with you…… Continue reading Our Communities: Windhoek City Market


My encounters with grief have been very few and far apart. However, I’ve found that the older I’ve grown, the more acquainted with grief I’ve become; and I presume my acquaintance with it is only going to grow closer as I progress with life. I lost two loved ones this year. As I’ve mourned them,…… Continue reading Grief