Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.   -William Shakespeare Greatness. We all have it in us in some form or other, don’t we? And we’re all trying to discover it and excel in it. Birds on the Jetty, Swakopmund Discovering I began last year (2017) with overflowing hope…… Continue reading Greatness

The Monkey Nuts in Windhoek!

Last Friday night my husband and I had the extreme pleasure of attending a Monkey Nuts show at the Goethe-Institut in Windhoek. The Monkey Nuts are a Zimbabwean hip-hop band with “[a]n imposing energy of sounds, personified by elements of electronic/digital, African, rock and hip hop tones…”. They’re great at what they do and they…… Continue reading The Monkey Nuts in Windhoek!

Our Communities: Windhoek City Market

The Windhoek City Market is the only regular social event I’ve attended so far in this fairly quiet city and I’ve really enjoyed its vibe. It’s a food, wine and crafts market and it’s held every 3rd Friday at a place called The Village in Eros, Windhoek. My camera isn’t great but I’d like to share with you…… Continue reading Our Communities: Windhoek City Market